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Supreme Offshore's Penny F Crew Saves Another Vessel with Heroic Efforts 


as featured in the Houma Times


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Supreme Offshore Services-Houma, Louisiana

The Motor Vessel Penny F


Penny F Crew is Awarded Letter of Commendation for Heroic Acts in a Perilous Situation in the Gulf of Mexico.

July 1, 2015, Houma, Louisiana- The U.S. Coast Guard will be presenting the entire crew of the M/V Penny F Letters of Commendation for saving the crews on the East Cameron 321A Platform and M/V Valiant On November 17th, 2014. 

Supreme Offshore Services Inc.’s M/V Penny F was running weather patterns when she received a distress call from the M/V Valiant, asking for assistance due to a power failure of the entire vessel. The Valiant was drifting towards the East Cameron 321A Platform. The crew on the Penny F reacted quickly to tether their vessel to the Valiant and ensure that they did not collide with the platform.  Due to the serious condition of weather that was upon them and the small window of time that they had to react in order to save the East Cameron 321A Platform and the Valiant, the crew of the M/V Penny F showed true bravery and invaluable safety knowledge to diffuse a highly dangerous situation.

The U.S. Coastguard will be recognizing this true act of heroism by awarding each member of the M/V Penny F with a Letter of Commendation. “The maritime environment can be dangerous and sometimes unforgiving, especially for those that find themselves in harm’s way.  The alertness, responsiveness, and commitment to humanitarian services displayed by the crew of the Penny F are truly a credit to our entire port community.”- U.S. Coast Guard Captain Randall S Ogrydziak.  




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